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How I Write: 3 Easy Steps

Every writer has a routine that makes the job easier. Three must-haves for me are as follows:

#1 Caffeine

I take my chai tea or coffee in a beautiful, oversized mug like this one from Boswell Studios ( Not only does its size allow me enough caffeine to help kickstart my day, but sipping from this workable piece of art is pure luxury. It's a tangible reminder of the everyday beauty surrounding me.

#2 Finding Inspiration

Inspirational messages like this one on my wall, a passage in a well-loved novel, or even encouraging messages I discover on the Internet are very helpful when I'm searching for just the right words for my next chapter. When I need visual stimulation, it's as easy as leafing through my favorite travel books and magazines to discover new places I'd like to experience. I also find going through photos from past trips helpful, recalling the fun and excitement of each place I've had the pleasure of visiting. More often than not, the best place to look for inspiration is right outside my window. Nature has endless tales to tell, and I find every story intriguing. How much I've learned by watching a bird gather twigs for a nest or a chipmunk gorging its cheeks with hickory nuts!

#3 Making Room for Joy

Sometimes joy gallops into my life and I have all I can do just to keep its reins in my grasp. Other times, it slinks in, making me work harder to notice and appreciate its comforting presence. Usually, it sidles up, and sits beside me as I'm writing, a reassuring friend with this message: I'm here, ready to give whatever you will take, and happy to receive all you offer back. I'm often at my happiest when I'm creating new worlds that I'm eager to share with others in upcoming novels. Not everyone feels such joy in writing, but all of us have things in our lives that always make us happy. My wish for you this new year is that you keep that in your life as often as you possibly can.

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I just Love this Jen!! Can’t wait to read your next book!

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